M11 Severe-Duty® Muzzle Brake

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- Need a threadlocker for installation? See our Flexbar Rocksett Packs
- Accu-Washer™ Muzzle Alignment System recommended for installation (not included)
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A massive symmetrical blast baffle, combined with two compensated front baffles, redirect gas to the sides and upward delivering unparalleled recoil reduction while also minimizing muzzle rise and ground disturbance. High tolerance class-3 threads machined in same operation as bore aperture ensures perfect concentricity; this combined with a progressively decreasing baffle thickness minimizes bullet flight disturbance resulting in less yaw, higher BC, and improved accuracy. Computer FEA optimized for maximum strength to weight ratio and impact survivability. Precision CNC machined from high strength HTSR 400-series stainless steel bar for superior heat and corrosion resistance. Wrench flats on top and bottom for easy muzzle brake installation and removal. Available in either an ultra wear resistant DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) matte black finish, or stainless steel in-the-white, matte finish.

This muzzle brake is designed to fit 5/8-24 threaded barrels.

Available in three calibers:

  • 6.5mm / .264 Caliber (for use on rifles .22-.264 caliber)
  • 7.62mm / .308 Caliber (for use on rifles .264-.308 caliber)
  • 8.6mm / .338 Caliber (for use on rifles .308-.338 caliber)

Caution: Do not use crush washers with this product.


Thread: 5/8x24
Length: 2.675"
Height: 1.188"
Width: 1.375"
Dia. at Barrel: 0.850"
Weight: 5.6oz
Full Spec Sheet: View PDF
Installation Manual: View PDF


M11 muzzle brake with Accu-Washer timing Shim on carbon fiber barrel

Massive blast baffle delivers superior recoil reduction of over 60%


M11 muzzle brake with Accu-Washer timing Shim on carbon fiber barrel

Closed bottom reduces dust and dirt signature when shooting traditional prone




When selecting a caliber for one of our muzzle devices, the correct choice is based on your cartridge's actual bullet diameter. For example; if you have a .300 Win Mag, you would select a 7.62/.308 muzzle device. This is because the bullet for that cartridge is a .308" diameter. For a more detailed explanation and examples, check out our Caliber Fit Guide.

Measurable performance between the M11 and M41 is very similar. Both will drastically reduce recoil, as well as mitigate muzzle rise. As for features, the M11 has a closed bottom which will prevent dust and dirt being kicked up after every shot. The M41 however, is radially ported which will exhaust gases in each direction. For bench shooting this won't matter much, but is something to consider if shooting prone. Because of its top ports, the M11 will need timed properly to ensure the they are oriented correctly. Conversely, the M41 simply needs torqued to spec - no specific orientation required.




For thread specifications, general information, and more - visit our Technical Resources page:

muzzle brake comparison chart



  • 5
    Muzzle brake

    Posted by Marty hensley on 16th May 2024

    This muzzle brake is fantastic. It reduces recoil considerably making range day more enjoyable.

  • 5
    Muzzle brake

    Posted by Jim Morlan on 29th Sep 2023

    Item is amazing. Great quality. And amazing Customer service. Highly recommend this and from this company.

  • 5
    Quality. Performance.

    Posted by Taylor Auzins on 14th Feb 2023

    The PA M11 brake is very well made. Recoil was considerably less, quicker acquisition. Also, their communication is just as good. Can’t recommend this company enough.

  • 5
    M11 severe duty muzzle brake

    Posted by Bailey on 24th Oct 2022

    This brake does an EXCELLENT job of reducing recoil and muzzle flip. It made a night and day difference on my mossberg patriot chambered in 6.5 creedmoor and seems to live up to the claimed ≈60% recoil reduction. It should be known im pretty new to rifles and precision shooting in general, but i found myself flinching my shots in expectation of the recoil before attaching this device causing a lot of difficulty maintaining accuracy, and was shooting a roughly 3 MOA group at 100 yds with a fair amount of outliers. however after attaching this brake i found it TREMENDOUSLY easier to make 1 moa or even sub 1 moa at the same distance. The only drawback seems to be that this device does also make the rifle about 60% louder also, though this is to be expected when adding a muzzle brake, it did cause some immediate ear ringing right on the first shot so adequate (non cheapo like mine) ear protection is pretty much a must if your entertaining purchasing this device depending on what firearm you plan on mounting it on. Speaking of mounting the device i should also add that the precision armament accuwasher system does work very well with this device, my only wish is that they would offer or include a small bottle or packet of rocksett along with the washers or brake, since this seems to be the best threadlocking and vibration dampening additive for this purpose, since it also boasts a pretty high temperature tolerance. Nonetheless this was a VERY good purchase and i will mosy likely be coming back here for all my muzzle device requirements from here on out, not only for their quality of the products, but the excellent customer service as well. They were incredibly communicative and polite throughout the exchange, and even went as far as to pay attention to the notes i left on my order stating i would like the package to be delivered behind my trashcans since i live in a highfoot traffic area and have had packages stolen off the porch before, and in response they wrote a note on the box for the delivery driver relaying my request to make sure my product wasn't stolen! All in all both the product and the customer service went above and beyond expectations, both for a very reasonable price

  • 5
    Great Success

    Posted by Kyle on 3rd Feb 2021

    I purchased this in the uncoated matte stainless steel finish. The machine work on this is flawless -- no sharp edges or burrs even in the threaded portion. The finish looks great as-is and would surely also look great with a ceramic coating or PVD finish. No other shooters at the range complained about noise or backblast. Overall very happy with this device!

  • 5
    Product Review

    Posted by Olemite on 22nd Feb 2019

    I bought the M11 and had it machined out for my 458 SOCOM to the recommended tolerances listed in the instructions. The brake mounted easily with the Accu-washer system. Even thought “they say” a brake doesn’t do much for the 458 SOCOM, the M11 is a high quality device. It looks real cool and definitely adds to the Badassery of my big bore AR. https://flic.kr/s/aHskSg149C