Hypertap® Gunsmith Muzzle Brake

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Precision Armament is proud to offer our highest performance muzzle brake in a configuration that can be machined and custom fitted for any application. The Gunsmith Model Hypertap Muzzle Brake is unthreaded and features our smallest through-bore, allowing a qualified gunsmith to finish thread and bore the muzzle brake to suit any caliber or barrel thread. Whether it is an odd barrel thread, a left-hand thread, or you simply want the through-bore custom sized to your caliber for maximum efficiency, the gunsmith model is your solution. Available in both the standard and slim body configurations; please refer to our published specs chart to select the best size for your application. NOTE: All machining and fitting must be performed by a qualified gunsmith.

Minimum recommended barrel length 14.5”
*Scroll to FAQ section on this page for further explanation


  Slim Body Standard Body
Allowable Thread Range: 1/2"-5/8" 1/2"-3/4"
Maximum Caliber: .358/9mm .500/12.7mm
Factory Thread Bore: .375" .468"
Factory Through Bore: .282" .282"
Maximum Through Bore: .418" .560"
Length: 2.45" 2.94"
Diameter: 0.90" 1.09"
Weight: 2.7oz - 3.0oz 4.1oz - 4.9oz
Installation Manual: View PDF
Machining Instructions: View PDF


Unthreaded to accommodate whatever thread need you have.


Installing a Hypertap using integrated timing nut

0.282" factory through-bore to allow you to size up to nearly any caliber.


Installing Hypertap using provided wrenches

Uncoated to allow for custom finishing.




The Slim Body can accommodate up to .358"/9mm, and the Standard Body can accommodate up to .500"/12.7mm. For full specifications, see our Supplemental Instruction




For thread specifications, general information, and more - visit our Technical Resources page: