EFAB® Hybrid Muzzle Device

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- Accu-Washer™ Muzzle Alignment System recommended for installation
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EFAB (Enhanced Flash Arresting Brake)

Combines superior muzzle control with effective flash suppression even on barrels as short as 10 inches. Patented EFAB technology uses an innovative configuration of diverging expansion nozzles to both diffuse and cool combustion gases resulting in maximum recoil reduction with minimum concussion to the rear and sides of the shooter. Closed bottom reduces dust signature when shooting prone. Precision machined from heat treated stainless steel with an advanced Ionbond® high temperature CrCN coating for extreme durability. Features pilot hole for permanent pinning to bring 14.5" barrels to legal length.

Caution: Do not use crush washers with this product.



  5.56/.223 7.62/.308
Material: HTSR 416 stainless steel
Thread: 1/2x28 5/8x24
Length: 2.50" 2.75"
Diameter: 0.900" 0.985"
Weight: 3.5oz 4.25oz



Designed for superior muzzle control, recoil reduction, and flash suppression on SBR's, AR pistols, and bullpups.


EFAB flash hider muzzle brake on AR-15

Patented EFAB technology uses an innovative configuration of diverging expansion nozzles to both diffuse and cool combustion gases.


EFAB flash hider muzzle brake on IWI Tavor with Streamlight

Ideal for low light and close quarter applications, where flash suppression and low consussion to the shooter is essential.


EFAB flash hider muzzle brake with Accu-Washer Shim

Features pilot hole for permanent pinning to bring 14.5" barrels to legal length.



Full Specification Sheet

Installation Manual




When selecting a caliber for one of our muzzle devices, the correct choice is based on your cartridge's actual bullet diameter. For example; if you have a .300 Win Mag, you would select a 7.62/.308 muzzle device. This is because the bullet for that cartridge is a .308" diameter. For a more detailed explanation and examples, check out our Caliber Fit Guide  

At 16", the EFAB has a marginal advantage in both flash suppression and recoil reduction compared to the AFAB.  When measuring barrels at 14.5" and below, the EFAB has a substantial advantage, and maintains that performance down to about 10". Therefore, we recommend the EFAB for most applications utilizing SBRs, AR pistols, and bullpups. However, the EFAB can absolutely still be used on a 16"+ barrels if you want the most performance possible between the two.




  • 5
    Flat-Shooting Compensator

    Posted by Maxwell Bradford on 24th Nov 2020

    Flash is extremely minimal. Compensation on muzzle climb is amazing. Had it pinned and welded onto my 14.5” DDM4V5s and it’s sitting pretty at 16.1” 1,000rnds in and my friends are blown away by the overall reduction in recoil compared to the A2 Birdcage I was running. “It shoots like a C02 air gun” was said by multiple people running 62gr M855 Definitely worth it if you’re using a 14.5” barrel. I did my research before hand, paid a good gunsmith who did it right and timed it perfectly. Bought their Accu Washers like they said and it was worth it. The porting is also super clean and well done. Never thought a $200 muzzle device could be something I rant and rave over but this thing is absolutely top-tier. 10/10

  • 5
    Product Review

    Posted by Keith Weber on 26th Dec 2019

    The EFAB is ideal for my Tavor bullpup rifle (5.56). Had a hypertap first and it was extremely effective but lots of blast to my face. The EFAB is also effective but without the blast! We posted a video here https://youtu.be/EvBi8M3ky84

  • 5
    Product Review

    Posted by Bradley on 14th Aug 2019

    Just got the EFAB muzzle brake for my 16inch 5.56 and it is amazing. Flash signature is low, similar to what you get from an A2. The concussion is really not that bad. Standing right next to it, you feel some blast, but because the gas is dissipated almost 360 degrees around the muzzle brake, once you are a couple feet away from it, it really isnt that noticeable. The cost is a bit steep and it is fairly heavy for a muzzle device (IMO), however, I have not used a better performing muzzle brake with all things considered (Flash suppression, Low concussion, recoil reduction). It really is the perfect balance all the best general purpose muzzle device.

  • 5
    Product Review

    Posted by Hbthe1 on 21st Jun 2019

    this muzzle brake was an awesome addition to my Ruger SR 762

  • 5
    Product Review

    Posted by Walt-NVA on 21st May 2019

    I was running a linear comp on an AR Pistol 7.62×39 11? barrel with an adjustable gas block. It breathed more fire than desired. I then mounted a 5/8-24 EFAB with a shim kit. The recoil reduction with the EFAB is noticeable and the flash signature is now very nominal and mostly not visible. To my surprise, side concussion with the EFAB is very tolerable and actually negligible much like the linear comp, i.e., no complaints from shooters on either side at an indoor range. Follow-up shots are quicker and more accurate. I’ll be purchasing another EFAB for a 6.5 Grendel 11? barrel because that is how impressive the EFAB is.