M4-72 Severe-Duty® Compensator

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Features an innovative reverse venting triple baffle design for the highest recoil reduction in its class. The M4-72 is an extremely lightweight (2.6 oz) and compact design that delivers industry leading recoil reduction of up to 75%. Closed bottom construction combined with upward biased venting effectively eliminates both muzzle rise and dust signature. Precision machined from heat treated stainless steel for superior durability, the M4-72 can withstand the extreme heat of combat conditions without being subject to rapid erosion. Available with an advanced Ionbond® high temperature CrCN coating (matte black), or stainless steel in-the-white (satin grey).

.223/5.56mm model is designed to fit M4/M16/AR15 style rifles and features 1/2-28 threads. Delivers industry leading recoil reduction of 73-75% for standard 223 Remington. Will accept many devices designed to fit over the standard A2 flash suppressor.

.308/7.62mm model is designed to fit any caliber from .243 Winchester up to and including 338 Lapua Magnum (6.5 Creedmoor, 308Win, 300WM, 30-06, 338LM, etc.) and features 5/8-24 threads. Delivers industry leading recoil reduction of 65-75% depending on the cartridge.

Warning: Reverse venting design may cause excessive blast/concussion on barrels shorter than 14.5" and on bullpup style rifles.

Also available in an AK-47 version with 14x1mm LH threads.


  5.56/.223 7.62/.308
Thread: 1/2x28 5/8x24
Length: 2.250" 2.275"
Diameter: 0.865" 0.985"
Weight: 2.6oz 3.1oz
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Installation Manual: View PDF


M4-72 muzzle brake compensator with Accu-Washer Shim

74% recoil reduction 


M4-72 muzzle brake compensator with Accu-Washer Shim

Innovative reverse venting, triple baffle design


M4-72 muzzle brake compensator on SAW

Upward gas biasing to mitigate muzzle rise, as well as a closed bottom to eliminate dust signature


M4-72 muzzle brake compensator with Accu-Washer Shim on AR-15

Will accept many devices designed to fit over the standard A2 flash suppressor.


M4-72 muzzle brake compensator on SAW

Built for Severe-Duty®





When selecting a caliber for one of our muzzle devices, the correct choice is based on your cartridge's actual bullet diameter. For example; if you have a .300 Win Mag, you would select a 7.62/.308 muzzle device. This is because the bullet for that cartridge is a .308" diameter. For a more detailed explanation and examples, check out our Caliber Fit Guide.

You can, we just don't really recommend it. Reverse-venting brakes do just that; vent gases in the reverse direction from where they were traveling. This design is how such high recoil reduction ratings are achieved. But because of that, gases and concussion are directed back to the shooter. Barrels below 14.5" can cause these forces to be quite drastic to some individuals, and more extreme depending on what caliber you are shooting. For a more detailed description, you can read our Muzzle Brake Safety Memo here.




For full specifications, installation manuals, and more - visit our Technical Resources page:



  • 5

    Posted by Michael Lee on 28th Aug 2023

    This is awesome. Performed even better than I thought possible.

  • 5
    On received product

    Posted by Timothy on 25th Jul 2023

    Am well pleased ☺️

  • 5

    Posted by Michael Blanton on 17th Jul 2023

    Does an excellent job

  • 5

    Posted by Jim on 1st Jul 2023

    After twenty two years on active duty, and thousands of rounds down range, I know my way around the M4/AR platform. I had never thought about a muzzle break on the M4 as the 5.56 is in the minor caliber class. I simply learned the process needed to control the minor recoil, and muzzle rise on rapid shorts. So I admittedly was not an easy sell for this item. Until I tried it. I was surprised, that after three rapid shots of 62 gr. 5.56, the muzzle was still right where I had aimed on the first round. It was effortless, and I found myself over compensating after years of recoil control programming. As with anything there was one, small draw back. This puppy is on the loud side, and the rush of rearward pressure was a surprise. Now, it is not 50 BMG pressure but, it does exist. A number of my pew pew buddies on a recent knight training exercise, stood with mouths agape, and eyes squinted, as I drilled a steel plate rapid fire style! They hemmed and hawed, about the use of a brake on the AR, that is until they tried it. The quality is great, with a smooth finish and no sharp or irregular edges. Installation was simple, and timing the brake was no issue for me. I know the description says over 70% decrease in muzzle rise, but with mine I had so close to zero I could not measure it. So for the price, and what you gain, I say it's a no brainer. I have spent much more on much less in the past. Bravo Zulu to the Precision Armament Team.

  • 5
    It’s the real deal

    Posted by Ben Franklin on 1st Apr 2023

    I bought this after a s-load of research. Was going to go Apollo- went with the m72 instead. Had to buy the washer kit- which pissed me off but it’s only $25. Took it to shoot and holy shi7. I unloaded mag after mag…great groups—all on target—with very little muzzle jump. I love this thing. It’s too easy now. Blowback isn’t much. Good grief- so there is a little gas blowing in your face. It’s not much. Trust me. Get this f-ing thing installed. You’ll outshoot all your peers. It’s unreal. Stop shopping. Buy this- install it. I just used a crescent wrench- literally- and wrenched it into place. It’s freaking prefect.

  • 5

    Posted by William Lewis on 16th Apr 2022

    Very happy with this product. Be sure to follow the instructions and use the recommended shims. At first I relied on local gunsmiths to install the brake for me and they used their own shims. This caused the accuracy to suffer greatly. Ended up overnighting the shims from precision Armament and reinstalling the brake myself. Shoots sub MOA with less recoil and looks awesome while doing it.

  • 5
    Great muzzle brake

    Posted by Aaron on 15th Nov 2021

    I have used this device on my Savage 10 308 Win for precision shooting and it has done a fantastic job on recoil management and helping me maintain my reticle on target after each shot. Installation with the Accu-washer system took time but helped time it properly. The concussion and gas blowback is potent with this device but is a worthwhile trade-off considering how well it reduces the recoil impulse. I’m very happy I bought this device back in Sept 2017 and still have it as of now (2021).

  • 5
    Product Review

    Posted by zacob on 1st Jul 2020

    I had this break installed on a TC venture in 300 win mag. Due to bike crash my neck and shoulder are damaged and even light caliber rifles were painful. My family had this break installed as a Christmas gift a few years back. My 300 in my favorite rifle now. I can sit through a 50 round prone session and that night I don’t even feel I had been shooting. I have shot other rifles with other breaks, none were 300 win mags and none are as soft as mine. Hands down if you want a break to control recoil at a price that doesn’t make you question a suppressor then this is the break for you. Purchased and installed by Liberty Firearms Institute Loveland CO in 2016

  • 5
    Product Review

    Posted by Joelaw on 31st Oct 2018

    I purchased this brake based on all the reviews I found online. I have to agree, this is probably one of the most effective brakes I have ever used. The reduced recoil is great. The blow back towards the shooter was a little weird at first but I have become used to it . Some of the guys I shoot with complain about the noise but it was money well spent! I highly recommend this brake if you are looking at reducing recoil and speeding up your follow up shots.