"Shooter Ready" - Precision Armament at GAP Grind 2022

28th Oct 2022

"Shooter Ready" - Precision Armament at GAP Grind 2022

The capital of the Precision Rifle Series, K&M Shooting Complex, is one of the most outstanding shooting venues in the world. Truly a long range shooter's playground, the K&M Shooting Complex was developed to set the bar for world-class training. Their uncompromising approach resulted in designing a facility that is tailored to training - not fitting training around an existing layout.

All of this makes K&M the perfect venue for the GA Precision/Bushell GAP Grind. Easily the most prominent PRS competition in the world, GAP Grind draws in over 400 shooters and 60 volunteers, offering a unique twist on the sport - whereas amateur shooters are paired with professionals. This provides a welcoming and experience-rich approach for new shooters, while still being a superlative match for pros.

The energy surrounding the event, even the day before officially starting, is nearly inexpressible. K&M opens their range for “Tune Up”, with targets out to 1200 yards, moving targets, and nearly every prop imaginable. This is a chance for the teams to confirm data, double check their equipment, and get a general feel for the targets and props at the event. The exact Course of Fire isn’t released until after Tune Up is complete, so no shooter can practice stages early. Throughout the day, the facility’s Pro Shop is open as well as a pavilion full of industry leaders showing off and selling their goods.

Day 1 began before the sun even rose. PRS Director Shannon Kay welcomed the shooters, thanked the sponsors, covered safety, and initiated the event. The crowd exploded out with excitement, trekking to their respective stages, with the first shots of the event quickly following. The first day consisted of 11 stages and nearly 9 hours of nonstop shooting, which included engaging moving targets from prone and rocks, tank traps, maneuvering around a vehicle, and of course the PRS Skills Stage barricade. At each stage, all of the pro shooters competed first, allowing the amateurs to observe and absorb. The amateurs then shot a slightly altered course of fire, with the assistance of the pro shooters. For new shooters, it could be a bit overwhelming to compete at an event of this magnitude. But guided by a team of professionals, nerves were quickly calmed, and confidence grew.

As the final shots of the day faded, the crowd grew at the pavilion where a proper BBQ dinner and drinks were provided to all. Live music matched the mood of the night as shooters celebrated their accomplishments from the day, and already began planning for the next day’s stages.

Day 2 brought an entirely new vigor to the event. Shooters showed up ready to either continue their streak, or turn their fortune around. Without delay, the first shots were heard at 7am sharp. The stages continued to keep the shooters on their toes, working from inside a helicopter, to a rooftop, shooting out of a Conex box, and even off the rear of an M35a2. With no two challenges alike, the shooters were constantly pushing their abilities and relying on their teammates. Many of the stages were a testament to having rock solid grasp of the fundamentals. With enough challenging variables, there was no room for the basics to go wrong.